Sun Kyeong means beautiful hearted people living in a beautiful world

There is a vibration more powerful than any other because it comes directly from the Mind of the Universe. It creates and supports all living beings with universal light, love and energy. It is Qi, the vibration of life.

Sun Kyeong is a spiritual practice that began in the mountains of South Korea, reconnecting us to ourselves, nature and the Universe by tuning to the vibration of life Qi. With the world in ever expanding social and environmental crises, now more than ever humanity needs a new method that transcends the limits of human intelligence.

Sun Kyeong comprises of Qi Treatments, Qi Classes and a transformational Ancestor Healing course to clear inherited patterns.

Over time this practice leads us to understand the laws of nature and guides us to greater levels of health, happiness and spiritual connection.

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Many of the problems people experience today stem from a depletion of Qi.

At work and in our personal lives, many of us stand at the same threshold daily and think something has to change. Stress, anxiety, fatigue and chronic health conditions are on the rise. People are searching for a way to be truly happy and find meaning in their lives.

We have become increasingly disconnected from the vibration of life – Qi. Sun Kyeong is a transformative pathway that helps us connect to the infinite source of universal light, love and energy designed to keep us healthy, happy and supported to live in harmony with each other and nature.

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The Sun Kyeong Masters

Sun Kyeong Qi masters are specially trained to receive and transmit Qi. They live a spiritual life dedicated to caring for the well-being of others.

Qi masters are trained in the mountains of South Korea and maintain their ability to transmit Qi with 3 to 4 hours of personal training each day. Qi masters come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Many have, themselves, recovered from chronic health conditions and have gone on to help others worldwide.